Cannabis oil works for COPD, where conventional medications fail

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The term “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,” or COPD for short, is a rather long way of going about describing a number of different lung conditions, including things like emphysema, bronchiectasis and chronic bronchitis. The rather worrying thing about this particular condition is that our drug based medical fraternity has yet to get to grips with it, which is rather worrying as these are conditions that become progressively more severe, and are often fatal. Why this is so should be so is somewhat puzzling, as after cancer and heart disease, COPD causes more deaths than any other disease.

The illnesses that are grouped under COPD are diseases that restrict the airways in your lungs, which then lose their elasticity, and cannot function properly, making it difficult to breathe.

The common symptoms of COPD

The various symptoms that herald COPD include:

  • Becoming out of breath after the minimum of exertion
  • Suffering increased amounts of sputum
  • Tightness across the chest
  • Pain and difficulty drawing breath
  • Suffering frequent bouts of fatigue

Medical science continues to search for an effective treatment

In the final stages of a COPD illness, patients must have immediate access, anywhere anytime, to supplies of oxygen. Unfortunately, the medications that are usually prescribed for COPD frequently have adverse side effects that cause other problems. In the meantime, as medical science continues to research more effective treatment, the number of cases of COPD being diagnosed continues to rise.

People are turning to medical cannabis in desperation

Many victims of COPD have become so exhausted and exasperated by the lack of success of conventional medicine to find alternative treatments that they are turning to medical cannabis in order to obtain some relief from symptoms, without incurring any nasty side-effects.

Whilst smoking cannabis cigarettes is to be avoided for obvious reasons, a lot of people with COPD are claiming that “vaping” (the slang name for using a vaporizer to breathe in cannabis) helps them cope with the symptoms without inflaming the condition.

Best results come from ingesting medical cannabis oil extract


However, more effective results have been obtained by ingesting cannabis in the form of a concentrated oil extract that a guy called Rick Simpson developed in Canada, and that has now spread to Eastern Europe too. In fact many people here in the US (particularly those who reside in medical cannabis tolerant states) have now taught themselves how to make this oil.

Many people readily acknowledge that cannabis can help them with a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including things like:


  • Cancer
  • Chronic epilepsy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s

These cannabis treatments bring relief to many people suffering from these debilitating diseases, whereas conventional medicine often fails, and sometimes brings about complications that can prove fatal.

More and more victims of COPD are now trying cannabis treatments for themselves and are reaping the benefits, especially those in the latter stages of COPD, including those suffering from severe emphysema.

The real life experience of Jeff Waters

The real life case of 36-year-old Jeff Waters provides a vivid example of how cannabis treatment can help with COPD. , Eight years after Jeff was diagnosed with COPD, he was forced to attend an ER suffering from a severe bout of bronchitis.

Doctors found that his lungs had become scarred and he was then diagnosed as being in stage 2 COPD. Medical practitioners prescribed various conventional drugs, warning him that his condition was likely to deteriorate and that it may eventually prove fatal.

Jeff’s condition did indeed deteriorate. He could not climb the stairs and eventually went into stage 3 COPD, whereby an oxygen cylinder was his constant companion. Even the simple tasks of having a shave and/or shower involved the use of emergency oxygen.

The turning point

He eventually ended up in a hospital’s life-support unit suffering from severe pneumonia, having suffered a severe allergic reaction to a prescribed medication for hypertension. When he eventually recovered, the experience decided him to seek out alternatives to conventional medical treatments.

Jeff was recommended to use cannabis oil

Jeff made contact over the Internet with other COPD victims who recommended the use of cannabis oil, and through them, found a reliable source. After buying and using the oil for two months, Jeff was able to survive without any conventional medication, and was able to dispense with his oxygen cylinder.

He is now able to walk between two and 5 miles per day, and advocates that cannabis oil gave him back his life.



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