7 Natural Cures For COPD

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a serious condition that causes breathing disorders. It is actually a lung disease and over the years many people have died due to this condition. Not only smokers, but even non-smokers are becoming victims of COPD as a result of the ever increasing pollution.It causes ongoing cough and mucus along with shortness of breath and other breathing disorders. It also leads to tightness in the chest and you become more prone to all kinds of infections. It also ruins the immune system.Though there are many medicinal treatments available for COPD, nowadays, people are turning towards natural way of treatment of COPD and its symptoms. Here are some natural ways that are very vital for treating COPD.

Natural Ways To Cure COPD

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very effectual for treating the functions of the lung and the various symptoms of COPD. You can consult your physician to gain knowledge about the consumption of Vitamin E supplements.You can also include foods that are rich in Vitamin E in your daily diet so that you can fight with all sorts of COPD troubles.These foods include spinach, kiwi fruits, peanuts, apples, almonds, broccoli, sunflower seeds, carrots and all kinds of vegetable and nuts oils, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, peanut oil, palm oil, etc.

Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf

This is a very important herb for treating patients affected by COPD. Olive leaf helps in reducing inflammation and also in fighting other kinds of lung infections. It has been proved that olive leaf has tremendous antibacterial, antiviral, antiinflammatory and anti biotic properties.



This herb has great powers to ease all sort of breathing disorders. You are required to make a drink by mixing one pinch of cayenne with one cup of water, two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of apple vinegar. Drink this mixture twice daily and you will be relieved of COPD if you follow this routine religiously for six months.

Other Herbs


There are various other herbs that treat COPD. Some of those herbs are thyme, eucalyptus leaves, echinacea, quercetin, lobelia, milk thistle, astragalus and ginseng.



One of the most irritating effects of COPD is the accumulation of mucus in the chest. It is advisable for all COPD patients to drink plenty of water as this aids in thinning the mucus.



This is a Chinese method of treatment, which involves the use of fine needles at certain points in the human skin. This method has proved effective in treating many diseases and it is also said that acupuncture can heal COPD as well.So you can go in for a counseling session with an experienced acupuncturist and start your acupuncture therapy as soon as possible.

Regular Exercise


COPD patients should follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise daily in order to get rid of the ailment. Exercise is a very vital and healthy choice as it helps in strengthening the immune system, blood circulation and elimination of unwanted body fat.

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